MANFRED BRUGGER (born 1957) grew up on a farm with four siblings.  He has therefore been familiar with nature, agriculture, and work since childhood.

After graduating from high school and completing two years of voluntary military service, he studied mechanical engineering at a university of applied sciences and graduated with a degree in engineering. The subject of his diploma thesis was the "Construction of an experimental vehicle with vehicle-autonomous localisation and control".

After graduating, his interest in technology and the environment led him to plant engineering in the field of drinking water treatment and water supply. In addition to process engineering and the selection, dimensioning, and calculation of waterworks for municipal water supply, he was also responsible for public relations, marketing, and PR.

In addition to numerous specialist publications in the water sector and involvement in various associations, he has been monitoring developments and changes in water quality, precipitation, groundwater recharge, the environment, climate, etc. for more than 37 years.

He has a critical mind and the attitude not to believe everything that is said and written without contradiction, but to scrutinise everything, especially the mainstream. He always becomes particularly sceptical when a wide variety of problems are always attributed to the same cause.